S2CT Product Asset Monitors and Data Sharing Cloud

Asset Monitors

Smart Supply Chain Technologies Asset MonitorsAn amazing $25 USD device, designed for bidirectional communications with other Highly-Metalized-Environment (HME) Sub GHz devices, sensors, interface devices, and the wide-area-network (WAN), the Internet, without requiring an underlying and costly telco data plan. An entire shipping terminal could be 100% covered by a HME Sub GHz communications network and provide terminal operations the ability to communicate with and track mobile assets anywhere in the terminal, those permanently in the terminal or just passing through, from the terminal's Private Asset Management Cloud.

S2CT Product Asset Monitors

Asset Monitors can be deployed at fixed locations or on mobile assets for a broad range of monitoring and management applications. They are fully customizable in terms of size and shape, with or without replaceable battery packs, battery pack size, optional primary / auxiliary external AC/ DC power, integrated and tethered sensors, custom software on top of a standard basic software layer, GPS and Wi-Fi communications. Asset Monitors were conceived to be deployed at fixed locations and on mobile assets to continuously execute their programmed monitoring task and to provide an interface to other third-party devices, reefer controllers and gensets for example, with years of reliable operation. Asset Monitors were also conceived to securely report to and be managed from their owner's Private Asset Management Cloud through a wide-area-network connection provided by another device. Asset Monitors can range in cost between $25 and $50 USD.

A 1 square km area will require approximately 170 Fixed-point Asset Monitors for 100% coverage. Fewer Fixed-point Asset Monitors might be Fixed-point Asset Monitors Exampledeployed by creating islands of HME Sub GHz coverage around particular areas of interest, connected together with specific paths of contiguous HME Sub GHz, Wi-Fi-to-Wi-Fi or in the area's cloud. With an average cost of $35 per 360° HME Sub GHz Fixed-point Asset Monitor, the total area-array Fixed-point Asset Monitor cost will be approximately $6000 USD. Fixed-point and Mobile Asset Monitors can work with any cloud environment. S2CT Asset Management CloudS2CT can provide its clients a complete Mobile Asset Management Cloud Solution, just selected elements for the S2CT Cloud Solution Architecture or just the software to manage and translate data from S2CT architected devices.

Asset Monitor Connectivity