S2CT Company Overview

Smart Supply Chain Technologies Ltd. (S2CT) is an Asset, Inventory, and Logistics Monitoring and Management Solutions, Services and Technologies provider for supply chain industry. Our solutions, services and technologies, are driven by our leading-edge expertise in "Deep-Learning" Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software Architecture, Blockchain Technologies and Cloud Computing, and our over 15 years of experience in building secure IoT devices. We have been using Cloud Architecture, Blockchain, Secure Dynamic Business-to-Business Real-Time Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to replicate cost-effective supply chain solutions for each of the supply chain's underlying businesses.

We are experts in cloud computing, hybrid-cloud solutions, AI, Big Data acquisition for AI, IoT services, and their underlying technologies and devices connected, low-power, secure, modular smart devices and their embedded software; dynamic encrypted key device to device security; smart device remote health monitoring and maintenance; secure, hierarchical, quasi-asynchronous, secure high reliability local area device network communications; secure global wide-area-network communications; open-platform cloud software; highly responsive three dimensional graphical user interface; secure private data sharing network.

S2CT provides asset, inventory, and logistics monitoring and management and secure AI driven trade data sharing services to manufacturing companies, shipping, rail and freight terminals, shipping companies, warehouses and depots, logistics companies and retailers.

S2CT is focused on monitoring and managing Assets, Logistics and Inventories, end-to-end, for the Global Supply Chain. To that end, S2CT entices hardware partners to develop and manufacture S2CT compliant IoT products and devices for the global supply chain market based on their competitive advantages in that market. These IoT product and device advantages are fundamentally driven by their inherent simplicity. That simplicity is a by-product of their embedded S2CT AI software and being tightly coupled to the Cloud and even more powerful AI and Big Data when it's needed. The "power" is in the cloud where that "cost" is shared by millions of connected products and devices. These competitive advantages include significantly lower hardware cost, higher device reliability in the field, flexible and powerful Cloud-Served functionality, and the availability of rich Cloud services from the open-ended number of Cloud Service Providers that the S2CT platform enables.

Our modular products include "Open Source" hardware and software components that can be married seamlessly within a customer's existing supply chain asset management system or added to extend its global end-to-end reach.

Benefits of evolving with S2CT AI, Blockchain IoT Technologies
  •    Stay ahead and stand out from competitors in the Supply Chain Industry, advance company image in digital transformation era
  •    No huge investment on new hardware / devices needed
  •    Cost effective autonomous IoT devices with AI battery power management
  •    100% End-to-End Supply Chain visibility and traceability
  •    "Real-Time data" from assets in fields available
  •    Accurate prediction on conditions, locations, and times
  •    Secure data sharing with stakeholders through IoT Cloud possible
  •    Big Data Analytics
  •    Pay for what you use / Pay as you grow
  •    No term contracts
  •    Process Optimization
  •    Higher operational efficiencies
  •    New value-added services lead to revenue generating opportunities
  •    ROI improvement


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