Apr 16 - 17, 2018

S2CT participation in IBM Forum – Power of S2CT AI: The Thinking Supply Chain

Smart Supply Chain Technologies Ltd., a.k.a. S2CT, was one of the three solution partners featured at the IBM Cloud, AI, and Blockchain Forum held in Hong Kong on April 16 and 17. S2CT showcased its end-to-end supply chain logistics, asset monitoring and management, and inventory management solutions, demonstrating how the global supply chain will transform into the thinking supply chain driven by these technologies.

Smart Supply Chain Technologies Ltd. S2CT, an IBM Global Supply Solution Partner, is a system integrator and provider of AI-driven technologies, solutions and cloud services for the Global Supply Chain.

S2CT is determined to bring AI driven Cloud IoT Solutions to the Global Supply Chain. We have been using Cloud Architecture, Blockchain, Secure Dynamic Business-to-Business Real-Time Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to replicate cost-effective supply chain solutions for each of the supply chain's underlying businesses.

S2CT and IBM offer their Global Supply Chain customers the most cost-effective, flexible, reliable, and secure "Real-Time" Asset Monitoring, Logistics and Inventory Management, and Secure Blockchain Data Sharing, available anywhere!

In the Forum, we showcased our solutions on Global Asset Management in Global Supply Chain technology and Retail Grocery Store Logistics. Our featured solutions with Blockchain technologies, AI and Robotics are extremely well fitted to logistics companies and grocery stores.

S2CT and Watson provide AI-driven logistics and inventory management, and trade data sharing services to retail companies of all kinds. These AI-driven Cloud services ensure retail companies always have the inventory that their customers want on their shelves, that they don't use valuable shelf space for inventories that won't sell and have negligible inventory shrinkage.

S2CT AI Predictive Device Failure and Maintenance continually monitors a variety of the devices operating parameters and typically can predict a device's failure several weeks before it occurs. After that prediction, the Cloud can correlate the devices upcoming travel with Maintenance Service Providers along its route.

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