Sep 28, 2016

Smart Supply Chain Technologies Announcement

Smart Supply Chain Technologies, Ltd. Announces its Hybrid Asset Management Cloud Architecture's compatibility with global clouds from Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft

S2CT Global Hybrid Cloud Solution

Smart Supply Chain Technologies' (S2CT's) global supply-chain-focused architecture now offers its users the flexibility to manage all aspects of their mobile and fixed-position assets and their data through any hybrid cloud combination of private and global cloud solutions.

Asset Monitors in the field, collect and send data to their owner's private cloud where it is analyzed and distributed to various databases. The asset owner selectively shares this private data, in real-time, with its global cloud provider and a dynamic set of supply chain business partners. The global cloud provider might offer unique services, analytics, security, data warehousing, etc. that are not desirable or even executable in the asset owner's private cloud. Asset owners have complete real-time control of all of the private data from their assets, asset-specific data dynamically shared with them by their supply chain partners and data from mission-critical analytics. Asset owners can choose to completely control the management of their assets from their private clouds, using their own security and administrative controls, or choose to host and operate these from a global "enterprise" cloud. Who can set the temperature in a Reefer or turn the generator in a DryCold Container or Trailer on and off, etc. are examples of mission critical actions that an asset owner might not want to relegate to a cloud beyond its own firewall. S2CT's Hybrid Asset Management Cloud Architecture leaves all of this in the hands of the data owner.

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