Dec 28, 2016

Smart Supply Chain Technologies Announcement

Tableau Data Visualization and Analytics

S2CT has certified that its MySQL Asset Management Database design and schema is compatible with Tableau Desktop and Server Data Visualization and Analytics products. Further, Tableau's data blending features allow Tableau to access and blend data from multiple data sources for real-time analytics of key logistics metrics. For example, a Reefer's Temperature Set-Point in the Asset Management Database, can be quickly compared to the cargo type and its specified temperature in the logistics company's Logistics Database, before the reefer departs a terminal's loading area. Critical mistakes can be corrected remotely by the logistics company or by terminal personnel on their behalf. This is the Smart Supply Chain!

Dry bulk Intermodal container transpacific journey from China to the US

Reefer container journey from Boston to Jacksonville

Feel free to view the interactive Tableau Dashboard below in Full Screen mode and mouse-over any of the data-points to see their associated data.