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Kingtec, already a leader in refrigeration technology, is taking a major step in positioning its products for the Internet of Things revolution, connected and remotely managed anywhere in the world. Already a leader is reliability, Kingtec's new Smart Reefer offering will achieve unparalleled levels of reliability with continuous monitoring of every aspect of its reefer's operation coupled with real-time preemptive problem reporting anywhere in the world.

Denso Corporation and Kingtec Technologies (Heyuan) Co., Ltd. established a joint venture company, Guangdong KINGTEC DENSO Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. in March 2016 to focus on cold chain product development for China and aboard. Kingtec Technologies bring a rich portfolio of cost-effective products and Denso brings key refrigeration technologies to the joint venture.

Kingtec and S2CT will work together to integrate Kingtec's mobile reefer products into S2CT's Global Supply Chain Tracking, Monitoring, Remote Asset Management and Data Sharing Solution Architecture. Kingtec and S2CT will develop and integrate a Kingtec Global Communications Hub directly into Kingtec Reefer Controllers across their mobile product line. Kingtec will offer its customers products ranging from Smart Reefers to fully equipped Ultra-Secure Smart Reefers using the new HME Sub GHz Communications Standard and a range of cold-chain environmental sensors and monitors and security devices integrated into their container superstructures as they are manufactured. These will include cargo area temperatures, humidity, CO2, and others for precise microclimate control across the reefers cargo area as well as physical security features like contactless door sensors, door eSeals, Intrusion Networks and more. Kingtec, working with S2CT, will offer its Smart Reefer customers accompanying fleet management services for those customers that do not want to undertake that responsibility themselves. (DryCold Container News)

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About Kingtec

Kingtec Group Co. Ltd has been established in Hong Kong since 1995 and his head office is currently located in California, USA. Kingtec products are available in over 60 countries and Kingtec takes pride in being the leader in the Asian market. To achieve this enviable position, Kingtec utilizes 1100 factory dedicated employees, including 120 design engineers committed to designing, development and manufacturing products that address the current demands of the market. Kingtec manufactures transport temperature control systems for a wide range of mobile and stationary applications, including trailers, truck bodies, buses, and RVs. Kingtec also manufactures truck A/C and cab heaters along with engine coolant heaters.

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