The S2CT Ecosystem 

ThinkTec, Xiamen Xin Tak Information Technology Co. Ltd., is a leading provider of ultrasonic sensor technology. ThinkTec introduced the world's first ultrasonic oil level sensor in 2012 for vehicles. This product has been successfully deployed in the logistics, commercial concrete, municipal sanitation and shipbuilding industries to monitor fuel consumption and levels.

ThinkTec entered the industrial control field in 2015 and further developed its technology for ultrasonic density meters and ultrasonic level switches with applications in textile mills, water treatment, food and beverage company distillers, water separator, and other fields.

ThinkTec will introduce a ThinkTec Wireless Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor using the Highly-Metalized-Environment (HME) Sub GHz Communications Standard to send its data to Wide-Area-Network communications devices to ensure its compatibility across the global supply chain.

ThinkTec and S2CT will work together to further develop their proprietary ultrasonic technology for cargo load status sensing applications, again utilizing the HME Sub GHz Communications Standard Protocol for local area communications. This product will be promoted across the global supply chain for container, truck trailer and even warehouse and logistics center applications to monitor cargo levels in a given space and therefore the amount of available cargo space. In many cases, this data will be used in conjunction with cargo weight data retrieved from various shipper databases.

About ThinkTec

Xiamen Xin Tak Information Technology Co., Ltd. (ThinkTec) was established in 2011, is located in China Xiamen Special Economic Zone in Fujian Province, is a commitment to the ultrasonic sensor technology-related product development and provide high-tech enterprise as a whole solution.

Xin Tak has a strong R & D team and an enterprise management system, adhering to innovation, professional spirit of enterprise, to provide customers with the best solutions, the highest quality products and first-class professional services.

S2CT Ecosystem overview