Dry bulk Intermodal container transpacific journey from China to the US

This Tableau Dashboard illustrates an intermodal container carrying products from a factory in Xuancheng, China, to a customer in Detroit, Michigan. The intermodal container will move by truck, through an inland waterway by barge, across the Pacific Ocean by cargo vessel, across Canada and to the customer in Detroit by rail. The intermodal container is equipped with an inexpensive Mobile Asset Monitor, with integrated temperature and CO2 sensors, and an Ultra-Sonic Cargo Space Scanner. Notice that the Dashboard reported and highlighted a number of Estimated Time of Arrival Alerts and their cause, primarily weather during the ocean crossing. A Maintenance Alert, predicting the Asset Monitor's failure, was issued when the container was at Shanghai Terminal and the Logistics Company's Asset Management Cloud scheduled its replacement when it arrives at Canada's Prince Rupert Terminal. The Dashboard reported the container's Electronic Door Seal being closed as the container left the factory, the seal's opening in Shanghai for the loading of additional cargo, and closing again before it continues on. The Dashboard reported that each time the container's doors were opened and its cargo manipulated its Manifest was checked for consistency. Each time the container changed hands, its cargo status was reverified, S2CT's Exchange Verification. The Dashboard, dynamically connected with multiple private data sources across its supply chain journey by Tableau and S2CT's Dynamic Block Chain Data Sharing Network, kept track of Customs Document updates and inspections. This is the Smart Supply Chain!

Feel free to view the interactive Tableau Dashboard below in Full Screen mode and mouse-over any of the data-points to see their associated data.

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