Hybrid Cloud Model

The S2CT Hybrid Cloud is a multi-tiered interactive cloud. The "Top" Level Enterprise Cloud supports Order Entry, Production, Final Kitting, Testing and Shipping, and Automated Installation. Once a Communications Hub, with its initially "paired" sensors, is installed it will send its data to the regional Smart Asset Network it was programmed to communicate with during Kitting. This will include hardware maintenance data from all of the connected devices which is accumulated in a specialized environment that is continuously analyzed by a unique cognitive "watchdog" application. Identified problems are communicated back to the Enterprise Cloud for final resolution and potential deployment of a replacement unit to the next expected port-of-call terminal. The Smart Asset Network communicates with every Communications Hub in its network, collecting data, addressing "events" and alarms, sending software updates and sending commands to various connected devices. The embedded software in Communications Hubs is location-aware and modifies the Hub's operation and use of energy based on need, where it's at, what it's doing and the time of day. Communications Hubs act as local servers to their attached devices, collecting their data, "events" and alarms and helping to manage their operation. The intelligence of every layer in the network is the accumulated intelligence of the entire network – cognitive computing.