Smart Asset Network

S2CT's Smart Asset Network collects data from and manages smart assets, in the field, over Public Mobile Data Networks, from a "cloud" platform. This multi-tier hybrid cloud platform can be purchased from S2CT component-by-component, module-by-module or as a complete platform and be integrated into an existing platform or a brand new system by the customer, with or without S2CT's assistance. Each cloud platform tier, enterprise, regional, and hardware embedded software level can be hosted and operated by the customer or with or completely by S2CT as a service.


S2CT offers a unique Smart Asset Network Graphical User Interface (GUI) and its smart asset database design supports a number of off-the-shelf GUIs and Analytics products, Qlikview for example. S2CT's GUI is an "iconic" mind-map style GUI providing the viewer with quick access to actionable data and analytics, customized map views on demand. S2CT's GUI offers full administrative management and security with multiple users having "class" privileges ranging from viewing only specific types of data to full command and control from within their GUI environments. S2CT's GUI offers customizable persistent dashboards for every user including customizable map views on demand. No data or action should be more than 3 or 4 clicks away or take more than a few seconds to get to!

Secure Data Sharing Network

S2CT's Secure Data Sharing Network will only be offered as an S2CT managed service, billed on a transaction basis. Anyone can download, install, setup and register to use the S2CT Data Sharing Network. Users can share data without cost but will pay S2CT a small transaction fee for requesting data. Each customer sets up and manages their sharing of data from their databases, single, multiple, private or centralized, what data is shared and who it is shared with, dynamically and in real-time. S2CT will be offering a cognitive software application to manage this dynamically sharing based on real-time business relationships. This application might enable a trucking company to share selected data, associated with a specific cargo, from its private databases with the factory shipping the cargo and shipping depot awaiting its arrival, framed by the time the pickup is scheduled to when it is successfully delivered. S2CT acts as network and "key" security manager for the network. Each business is assigned a Private and Public key by S2CT when it registers. Public Keys accompany the data sharing request. The random number generated Private Key is held by the S2CT Secure Data Sharing Network Cloud for use by the sharing partners in a specific sharing transaction. S2CT adds a unique security layer to this security method by randomly generating new Private Keys based on a second level of random number applications. In this manner, S2CT manages the peer-to-peer transaction and its security and S2CT never has access to the underlying data.

Data Networks

The Smart Asset Network and Secure Data Sharing Network are extremely complimentary. The Smart Asset Network collects and deposits valuable data into a customer's database and the Secure Data Sharing Network provides the mechanism to securely and selectively share it with partners in exchange for whatever business benefit can be negotiated by the two parties.