S2CT Ultra-Secure Smart Reefer

This animation video shows the key features of Smart Supply Chain Technologies' (S2CT's) Ultra-Secure Smart Reefer:

  • Its smart components are camouflaged by being integrated into the containers superstructure
  • Its smart components are fully autonomous. They even inform their cloud servers when there is a problem and request maintenance. Its entire Software can be upgraded Over-the-Air
  • The six-wall intrusion network is as close to foolproof as is possible. Its computerized elements are constantly becoming smarter as they learn what is normal and what isn't
  • All of the reefer container's components are wireless, no cables anywhere, and are in themselves armed with integrated tamper protection
  • All communications, device to device and device to cloud are secured by S2CT's state-of-the-Art "DNA" data security

Seemingly transparent integration of its smart components into its superstructure to avoid calling attention to them is a key feature of all S2CT smart containers. This is accomplished only with the limitless flexibility of S2CT's Universal Enclosure.

This Smart Reefer Unit has a Wireless Reefer Controller Interface Module installed inside its Control Box. Such Interface:

  • Provide the means for bidirectional communicates between the reefer controller and asset's cloud server
  • Communicates with the container's Communications Hub using the Global Supply Chain Highly-Metalized-Environment Sub GHz (HME Sub GHz) Communication Standard. The Communications Hub communicates with the asset's cloud server using an available Wi-Fi connection or Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) connection to the Internet

S2CT is leading an industry alliance in the Standardization of a communications protocol and is helping to build the supply chain technologies "Ecosystem" of all types of sensors and peripherals that will use this new HME Communications Standard.

  • When combined with Contactless Door Sensors and HME Sub GHz enabled eSeals on container's door and reefer control box door virtually any intrusion or tampering is detected and communicated to the asset's server in real-time for appropriate action. Ultimate Container Physical Security!
    • S2CT uses Secure Near-Field Magnetic Inductance Technology, the same technology trusted by Apple and Samsung for secure smartphone payment transactions, to securely "pair" HME Sub GHz devices and containers.